About us

Hi everybody,

My name is Tashya & I am the CEO of Tajlashes. A Black Owned Business. Tajlashes as finally come to light & people that really know me know that this was a big dream that finally came true. It's been a very long journey & I'm proud to show you my babys.

I'm a professional graduated makeup artist and I've been wearing fake lashes since I was in high school. I learned real quick since I was already an adept of makeup in my young age that lashes was life. It's just give you the look you need. Without lashes the look for me is just incomplete. I was already saving money that my mom would gave me to buy lashes at the drug store. I've always been complimented for my lashes. People always asking me wow is it extension, I love your lashes, wow where did you bought them. My friends always asked me where do I found my lashes & how do I applied them so perfectly. One day one of my friends told me why don't you have your own lash company. I just didn't take that as seriously because I was lost. I didn't know how to start, what I needed, what to do & one day I just realize that I was not happy with the life that I was in & I didn't want to leave my life with regret and having the caution that if I would have done that maybe I would have been here. In life sometimes you just need to do it & take the risk to realize your dream. The only big things that can happened is to fall but everybody get up after falling & they tried again & again until they succeed because nothing is easy in life & if you really want something just go get it.

The branding, the idea the vision that I had & wanted for Tajlashes was luxurious because I'm EXTRA!! I'm all about luxuriousness, high end & booginess. This is my definition of luxurious. I wanted something pratical but also usable & a piece of art because I'm an artist. I wanted something that you would actually want to keeps because it's so beautiful so I really take my time to create an unique packaging. I hope you will like it & I'm happy to say that the shop is finally open. come past your order.


Tashya Junice

CEO of TaJlashes