how to take care of your mink lashes

1. make sure that when you remove your lashes you remove it with delicacy so you don't damaged the lash band.

2. take your eyebrow tweezers to remove the excess lash glue & if the lash is clean enough put it back in the box to protect them from dust & to also protect the form of the lash band.


you can use any glue with them lashes but my favorite glue that I use is the Duo dark tone. All the glue from them collection are good. It's up to you to choose the one that works for you or go with my recommendation.


Since the lash are made with real natural hair you can wash them with alcool, mild soap or oil free makeup remover. make sure to take your time to clean them to make sure that you don't loose hair or brake the lash band. I'm pretty confident with the resistance of my product but you understand guys, don't be too rough with it they are no regular lashes but Tajlashes. make sure you use a clean & dry towel to remove the excess water. After that put the lashes back in they box so they can dry & take back they original shape. after drying you only have to brush them with a clean mascara brush & you ready your lashes are like new. It's depend on how you use them or treat them. Normally you can re use them as you are able to make them look good. for me I can re use the same lash for months. Every person are different you can use them for more or less. It's up to you to find your perfect care.